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Introduction to The Tower Of Invincibility Washington DC


in·vin·ci·ble  (ĭn-vĭn′sə-bəl)

Incapable of being overcome or defeated; unconquerable.

[Middle English, from Old French, from Latin invincibilis : in-not; see in-1 + vincibilisconquerable; see Invincible.]

On 12 January 2008, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi inaugurated the Year of Invincibility—Global Raam Raj. In an historic ceremony the Flag of Invincibility of the Global Country of World Peace was raised in over one hundred countries at twelve noon, and the Maharishi Tower of Invincibility was inaugurated with ground-breaking ceremonies in forty-eight of the most affluent nations, with a commitment to build them in all 192 countries.

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Plans for a Washington DC Tower


In 2006 a 40-foot-tall Tower of Invincibility was erected on the Maharishi University of University campus in Iowa to celebrate the success of the Invincible America Assembly in bringing peace and invincibility to the nation.

Then someone came up with the idea of an even taller tower in the DC area, since it is the nations capital.

On Friday, October 5, at 11 a.m. (ET) at the Hay-Adams Hotel, 16th and H streets, NW, in Washington apress conference was held. by Jeffrey S. Abramson, partner with The Tower Companies, an award-winning, 60-year-old commercial development firm in Washington, D.C.

The press conference was to present design plans for a grand “Tower of Invincibility” that was to be built in the nation’s capital as a permanent monument celebrating freedom, sovereignty, and peace in America. Mr. Abramson said the people would decide where the Tower of Invincibility will be built. 

“Everyone is invited to visit the website and submit three possible locations in Washington for the Tower of Invincibility in the order of their preference. Invincibility is the domain of every citizen and therefore everyone should have input on where this great testament to national invincibility will be built,” Mr. Abramson said.

“The Tower of Invincibility will fulfill the highest ideals of America as expressed by our nation’s founders and by other great heroes of our country—freedom, sovereignty and peace,” Mr. Abramson said. “The Tower of Invincibility honors the mighty power of Natural Law, which now can be harnessed through cutting-edge technologies of consciousness to prevent problems and conflict and to raise our nation to invincibility—an invincible power that cannot be challenged by anyone.”


Here is a transcript of the press release

An Enduring Symbol of the Knowledge to Prevent War
and to Secure America’s Peace and Sovereignty
Opening Statement by Jeffrey S. Abramson
Partner, The Tower Companies, Washington, D.C.
October 5, 2007
Hay-Adams Hotel, Washington, D.C.
Thank for you for joining me today. I feel privileged to present my plans for a Tower of
Invincibility for the nation’s capital.
At the heart of Washington, D.C., is the National Mall, the center of our national heritage, and
home to the enduring symbols of our country—our freedoms, our ideals, our sovereignty as a
These include monuments to great presidents and memorials honoring patriots who fought in
past wars in the name of our freedom and peace.
Today, I want to announce my plans to build a new monument in our nation’s capital—the Tower
of Invincibility. I am also inviting the public to decide where this monument to invincibility
should be built.
I have been asked, “Why do we need another monument?”
The Tower of Invincibility will be a monument like none other. It will be an enduring symbol of
the knowledge to prevent war.
The Tower of Invincibility will be a striking white marble-clad structure. It will be
approximately 20,000 square feet, 12 stories high, with an observatory on top that will provide
360-degree views of the city. The Tower will require a minimum of one acre of land for the
building and public gardens. It will incorporate green, sustainable design and will house
multimedia exhibitions on world peace and national invincibility.
I’ve also been asked what is meant by “invincibility”? Do I mean military might—the ability of
one nation to crush another? Of course not. And as we’ve seen only too clearly, that is
impossible anyway. An invincible nation is a nation that can prevent war: National
consciousness is so unified, coherent, integrated that it does not create enmity in the world, it
does not create enemies.
I am not using the word “invincibility” lightly. I am keenly aware of just how serious this word
is. I am a builder, and builders are very cautious. We double-engineer everything to ensure that
the building won’t collapse. In the same way, the defense of our nation has to be built on a solid

Others have asked how I can say that I am going to build a tower that is a symbol of American
invincibility when it’s clear that past approaches to safeguard the nation have not been adequate.
Today, every nation is vulnerable to attack. No military can guarantee invincible defense for the
nation. It’s worth stating again: No military can guarantee invincible defense. We have shown
that we can attack a nation but we have not shown that we can adequately safeguard our nation
and prevent an attack on our own borders.
Why have we failed?

To answer that question, I would like to read a few words from an
explanation by quantum physicist
Dr. John Hagelin, director of the Global Union of Scientists for
Peace and an expert in this field.
“Research shows conventional approaches fail because they do not address the underlying cause
of violence and conflict: they do not relieve the acute political, ethnic, and religious tensions that
fuel terrorism and conflict.
“What has been missing is an effective means to eliminate these deep-seated tensions.
“Science confirms there is now such an approach.
“Powerful new technologies of consciousness have emerged over the past 25 years based on the
most advanced discoveries of modern science that have been shown to dramatically reduce
terrorism, war, and other social violence. Research on these technologies has been published in
leading academic journals and endorsed by hundreds of independent scientists and scholars. The
efficacy of this approach is now beyond question.”
To conclude: The Tower of Invincibility will be a grand addition to the monuments that grace
our Capital city because it will be a symbol not of past wars fought, but of future wars prevented.
I would now like to open for questions. I can also answer some questions that have come in
advance by email.
What will be in the Tower?
The base of the Tower of Invincibility will serve as a Science Exhibition Hall and will provide,
through state-of-the-art multimedia presentations, the most cutting edge discoveries in quantum
physics, neuroscience, and physiology, which form the basis of this science of world peace and
national invincibility--this science of how to prevent violence, conflict and war.
How will you make a nation “invincible?”

In the same way that a healthy body has the internal capability to prevent disease, an invincible
nation has the internal capability to prevent war. This is possible by creating coherence in the
national consciousness--in the life of the nation. And this is possible through technologies of
consciousness. Transcendental Meditation is one such technology.
Can you be more specific? 

There is extensive published scientific research to show that Transcendental Meditation reduces
stress and improves health for the individual. Now there is a growing body of published research
to show that when large groups of individuals--1000 to 2000 people--practice advanced
meditation techniques together, there is a “spill-over” effect. The reduced stress in the individual
spills over into society, creating calm and reducing societal stress, crime and violence for the
entire population. Dr. John Hagelin is a renowned quantum physicist and director of the Global
Union of Scientists for Peace. He is an expert this field. You can visit his website for more information.

As of 2014 the Washington DC Tower of Invincibility has yet to be built.

tower of invincibility in iowa

Every Man, Woman and Child Wants Peace Of Mind

"Man has always sought perfection.


Perfection in his own life, and for his family, society, and nation,' he said. 'In the same way, the wise and good-hearted of all cultures have expressed their hope for a time of peace, progress and prosperity, and the fullness of life in harmony with nature." Source

The establishment of the Maharishi Towers of Invincibility marks the turning point in the history of the world—the irreversible transformation from an age of ignorance and suffering to an Age of Enlightenment.

As Maharishi declared: “The world will never be the same old suffering world. The Mahirishi believed peace can be achieved through TM otherwise known as Transcendental meditation.The Transcendental Meditation technique has been described as both religious and non-religious, as an aspect of a new religious movement, as rooted in Hinduism,and as a non-religious practice for self-development

Millions of people world wide practice this form of meditation to find peace of mind.

Sadly peace eludes the earth.

Anger, injustice, violence and crime pervades it.

Do YOU think TM is the answer to all of mankinds problems?

Or do we need something else to save mankind from himself?


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